Frequently Asked Questions
  • We appreciate and encourage appointments in order to provide you with optimal service and individual attention. Please call to schedule a free consultation with one of our trained industry experts. You are always welcome to browse our bath showroom without an appointment Monday through Friday 9:30am to 5:00pm and Saturdays 9:30am to 2:00pm.

  • Yes. We are happy to schedule an appointment outside of our regular hours to accommodate your schedule.

  • The product lines that we offer are well respected in the decorative plumbing industry. The majority of our lines are within the middle (standard) to upper (luxury) range. Many of our products provide modern features, beautiful designs and come in a range of sizes and finishes. We can demonstrate many of these features on our working displays that include steam units, custom shower components, heated towel bars, water-saving toilets, air-whirlpool tubs, custom shower doors and even a heated, self-cleansing toilet seat that can be controlled with a wireless remote!

    We also display water filtration systems, custom faucets, bath and kitchen sinks, cabinet hardware, medicine cabinets, make-up mirrors, and a flat-screen television embedded in a mirror so you can catch the news while getting ready in the morning or relaxing in your tub.

  • While it varies depending on the age of your home and your specific product selection, the average bathroom remodeling project takes 5 to 11 working days.

  • Lead times vary depending on the manufacturer. Some products are kept in stock for immediate delivery. Many others take 1-2 weeks. But custom-made furniture or products that are made-to-order in Europe can have lead times of 6-12 weeks. We will advise you of lead times when you are selecting your material.

  • We do not have an installation crew and we do not subcontract installations. We can recommend trained professionals who are qualified to install the products that we provide.

  • Yes. We can work with the contractor you have hired. We pride ourselves on communicating well with homeowners as well as tradespeople such as contractors, plumbers and architects. This ensures that the project goes smoothly and everyone gets the right information at the right time.

  • The contractor you select will get the proper permits for your project.

  • Yes, we provide curbside delivery. We will coordinate with you and the contractor to deliver your material in a timely fashion.

  • When you purchase products from a manufacturer authorized showroom, the products that you purchase are fully backed by the manufacturer's warranty as well as by our company and the manufacturer's local representative. Your decision to purchase your product from us will ensure that if there is ever a problem, you can depend on all of us to help you resolve it effectively.

    Internet dealers generally do not operate in this manner. In fact, it is not uncommon that the products that they advertise are partially flawed factory seconds, defective returns or discontinued. Often, if there is a problem, you will be on your own. Internet dealers do not have local representatives to assist you. The manufacturer may not warranty products from non-authorized dealers.

    As an authorized showroom, we have invested in a brick-and-mortar business that provides you the opportunity to actually see, feel, touch and try out displayed products. Our staff is continually educated on the features and benefits of our product lines, and can assist you in selecting the proper products to meet your requirements. Internet dealers employ order-takers who are not trained on the product lines.

    Your decision to do business with a local company helps drive our local economy. Your support provides a means for our showroom to continuously update our product offerings and to employ a staff of professionals at your service.